Courier Management Redefined: Inside the Upgraded Features of IntuParcel

Author: Rakshitha Rai

Author: Rakshitha Rai


Published date: Aug 25, 2023

Published date: Aug 25, 2023

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In the ever-evolving realm of software applications, keeping up with updates isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. From the latest OS updates to our most cherished apps, we’re all eager to unwrap the new functionalities these updates bring. And in the world of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), these regular updates are a defining characteristic. The updates to the existing software are usually part of the SaaS service agreements and are a responsibility shouldered by the SaaS providers.

At Intugine, customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s the core of our philosophy. We’ve always believed in listening to our customers, understanding their challenges, and valuing their feedback. And when it comes to refining our products, we’re not the ones that shy away. Our journey started with a vision to revolutionise logistics while delivering top-notch customer service. So, we leapt into action when we spotted an opportunity to elevate one of our products. Our whole team came together, pulling in all-nighters and going the extra mile to reimagine our flagship multi-courier management system – IntuParcel.

This marks a significant milestone in IntuParcel’s journey. This major upgrade isn’t just a patch; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment. The enhanced version introduces a plethora of features, including enhanced B2B courier tracking and management, amplified efficiency, an unparalleled customer experience, and substantial cost savings. The real magic? IntuParcel effortlessly integrates with your existing ERP, WMS, and Accounting Systems, making the transition seamless without requiring exhaustive system overhauls. 

Let’s dive deep into the latest features and benefits the all-new IntuParcel offers:

Expansive Courier Network

At the heart of IntuParcel is its extensive integration with over 700 courier partners. This impressive array of partners spans global giants like DHL, BlueDart, DTDC, FedEx, and local non-tech couriers.

IntuParcel: 700+ courier integration

700+ courier integration

IntuParcel’s centralised platform seamlessly integrates with all courier partners, enabling hassle-free tracking of shipments. Some key dashboard features include a Hawk-Eye view of the entire PTL operation, providing a detailed overview of all shipments in transit. 

The platform provides milestone-based updates, notifications, and SMS/WhatsApp tracking links corresponding to each shipment. Separate logins and views are available with unlimited hierarchy-based logins for the client and transporters, ensuring maximum flexibility and control. An analysis of delays, undelivered parcels, and returns allows swift action to be taken when necessary. The dashboard also includes automated reports, allowing for easy tracking of key metrics and vendor performance based on regions. And for the tech-enabled vendors, KPI analysis tailored to business logic provides accurate, actionable insights.

The platform includes a manual entry dashboard for local vendor status updates and the capability to track flight cargo through flight number/AWB number for air shipment deliveries. Furthermore, IntuParcel has a dedicated mobile app with logins for non-tech courier partners where they can update milestones manually, which flows seamlessly back to the dashboard for client view. To enhance our visibility offering, the platform also has a TAT ‘on time/delayed’ to handle the delay exceptions efficiently. 

With IntuParcel, you can access a diverse selection of couriers, ensuring competitive rates, faster deliveries, and the agility to cater to diverse customer demands.

Indent Management

Ever felt the hassle of booking shipments and generating those AWB numbers? IntuParcel’s got you covered. Post-confirmation of couriers, you can generate labels and manifests, a convenient reference for courier pickups. The Indent Management module also has the capability to create the complete courier list per shipment, and you can schedule the pickup of the shipments with the courier directly and instantly generate the AWB number.

Courier Tracking

The tracking module provides milestone-based tracking of packages and estimated delivery time(ETA) against the client’s SLAs with the courier. Both senders and recipients receive real-time updates on the parcel’s location directly from the courier partner integration. The module also captures all exceptions from the couriers’ end and recognises red-flag shipments( shipments with delays, exceptions, undelivered, etc). The central dashboard emerges as a command centre, furnishing comprehensive visibility into your shipments. This enhanced insight empowers you and your customers to monitor package progress at every step of the delivery journey.

The dashboard also provides detailed analytics on the trip’s intricacies, such as lane and courier performance. With proactive customer communication and real-time visibility, you have fewer shipment inquiries, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer churn. 

Transporter Recommendation

This module unlocks the potential to estimate freight costs and TAT alongside shipment details, allowing for maximum flexibility in decision-making. The module’s rapid analysis capabilities provide users with a wealth of data to make better decisions. You can also generate automated contracts and achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your parcel shipping operations.

Automated Freight Auditing  

IntuParcel captures and stores all the relevant contract rules and automates the calculation of freight rates for each consignment using the AWB number. With automatic reconciliation of courier invoices, you can reduce the time required for payment reconciliation, practically eliminating the need for manual intervention. You can also edit contracts through the dashboard, recalculate payments for the fresh contracts, and identify discrepancies between the courier and system-calculated payments. By addressing these discrepancies, you can save significant amounts in logistics costs, providing a direct return on investments and improved financial accuracy. 

In addition, the module acts as vendor selection parameters, with custom analytics and reports available for analysing courier rules. 

Reports and Analytics

With the power of reporting tools and granular analytics, this module allows you to gain actionable insights into your shipping performance and identify areas for optimisation. The platform offers a range of analytics and reports such as actual TAT vs. promised TAT, courier vendor performance and delay comparisons, city-wise delay performance, brand-wise performance, and vendor suggestions. 

For optimal customer service, IntuParcel provides product rating analysis, tracking/delivery rating analysis, product remarks count, tracking/delivery remarks count, and the facility to download remarks. Using this data, you can make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and implement targeted improvements, leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. 

e-POD Verification 

With its auto-fetching capabilities, you can easily access electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) documents directly within the IntuParcel platform. The module allows for quick and easy verification of PODs against actuals, with customisable parameters and an ergonomically and user-friendly dashboard for faster processing. For non-tech partners, the mobile app has the functionality to upload PODs that seamlessly sync with the dashboard.

In a nutshell, the e-POD Verification module provides significant time savings, with an approximate 50% reduction in time spent on POD verification. The module integrates with both courier vendor systems and Intugine Systems, allowing for direct retrieval of PODs and streamlined compliance.

Branded Public Link

An innovative module that enhances customer interaction, you can effortlessly share a branded public link adorned with your company’s logo and name with your customers for real-time tracking updates. This empowers your clientele to track shipments sans the need to log in, fostering direct engagement and feedback on products and delivery experiences. This dual advantage uplifts customer service and escalates customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

The revamped IntuParcel isn’t just a facelift; it’s a leap forward. With a trove of new features, we’re thrilled to unveil it to the world. So, if you’re ready to streamline your multi-courier logistics and keen on boosting efficiency and cutting costs, there’s no time to wait. Book a personalized demo with our supply chain experts today, and let’s embark on this transformation together.

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Copyright @2023, All rights reserved.

Registered Address: Intugine Technologies Private Limited, Attic Space Karna, 4th floor, No 9, Sarjapur - Marathahalli Rd, 1st Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

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