Hurdles in the logistics Industry

The logistics sector of India is highly fragmented and unorganized, lacking visibility and dependency on manual processes has cost the industry a considerable amount of funds and time.


of trucks lack visibility


of warehouse costs are order picking costs


of payments get delayed


of trucks get delayed


of extra revenues spent as compared to foreign counterparts

Our Solutions

The logistic sector of India is an untapped Industry, relying upon manual processes. The industry needs modern technology to meet current consumers’ demand. We provide visibility to the industry through our cost-effective device capable of triangulating the position of your fleet with pinpoint accuracy. Our Deep Learning model will provide you with deep insights about ETAs, Delay and Delay Impact, Lane reports and Transporters' scorecard taking your business to the next level.

Modes of Tracking


Transaction Management System

Route Optimization


Control Towers


Modes of Tracking

  • Portable Tracker

    Locate your vehicles with our portable tracker capable of high accuracy GPS tracking.

  • Use & throw tracker

    Track your high-valued shipments for a one-way trip with our cost-effective use and throw tracker equipped with a long-lasting battery, start tracking by just placing it in your vehicle.

  • Sim-tracker

    Use your drivers' sim card of leading network providers to get real-time visibility of your shipment planned for single route journey.